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What Trendy Bugs Can I Have In Mobile Version?

Trendy bugs in mobile websites

trendy bugsBugs are a fact of life if you have a website. Once you resolve a problem and eliminate a bug it seems like there is always another one that comes along to take its place. Unless you are in the bug business and are tracking bugs and problems with software and hardware it is difficult to point out a specific bug unless it has recently shown up on your site. However it isn’t that difficult to point to certain places where new bugs are occurring. If you want to know the trendy bugs that are relatively new on the scene consider the following areas:

  • New devices: Whenever a new smartphone or tablet comes out, more than likely there will be some bugs that crop up. It is even more likely on extremely popular devices as the see many more opportunities to reveal bugs. For example the latest iPhone won’t be out more than a day or so before reports of various bugs start coming in.
  • New software: As with devices, new software will go through the same process. The Edge browser from Microsoft is currently getting loads of different bug reports.
  • Updated software: When software is updated new bugs will show up. Any time iOS releases an updated version there is a good chance it will have some sort of bug.

Sometime new devices and software expose a bug. Mobile website may have had one they were completely unaware of until a user visits their site using a new version of software. This can happen when developers don’t follow the best practices and guidelines. With trendy bugs it can take a while to sort out who is actually at fault. And if you have doubts you may check the page about how to make a website mobile friendly.

Catching trendy bugs in the early stages

The earlier a new bug is caught the better. There are a number of tools and services you can use to test your website and see how it works with various devices and browsers. When a new device or software is released, especially those which are very popular, test your site on the device and see how it works. If there is a problem it is still be too early to point fingers. Contact customer support for the company and report on what happened. You will need to provide as much information as possible such as:

  • Content management system you use
  • Additional extensions on your site
  • What triggered the bug

It is through feedback that the cause of bugs can be located and the bug eventually eliminated. Also you might enjoy learning more about possible bugs in mobile version.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, then you need to learn more about moving background website.

Bugs can be frustrating and the cause difficult to track down, but the ultimate goal is to ensure a good user experience for visitors to your site.

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