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Possible Bugs in Mobile Version of the Site

Possible bugs in mobile version of your website

possible bugs in mobile versionCreating a mobile version of your existing website usually involves make the existing website responsive. This is usually done using a more or less automated method such as changing a WordPress theme or adding a plugin or by using CSS3 to make your site responsive. In some cases it may be a combination of both. However, there is a good chance that possible bugs in mobile version sites are going to crop up. There are so many possible combinations of plugins and themes as well as mobile devices with various browsers that a few bugs are almost inevitable. For the same reason it is difficult to pinpoint specific bugs as it may require a special combination of things to make a bug show itself. A mobile site may work perfectly until a certain model of phone using a certain browser exposes the bug. However there are certain areas where you are more likely to see bug. Also you might enjoy learning more about tools for measuring mobile website load-time, so you can check information.

The most common bug occurrences are related to:

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Compatibility

Of course a design bug is going to affect usability of your site and most website owners and users don’t care how a bus is classified. They just want it fixed. One thing that can help eliminate bugs on your mobile website is through bug reporting.

Reporting possible bugs in mobile version websites

To get decent feedback and help on a bug you report you should try to provide as much information as possible. On the other side, when somebody complains to you about a bug on your mobile website try and find out as much as you can about what happened. For the most part, website users don’t really care to take time and report a bug and most will just leave your site and move on. The type of information that is needed to help eliminate a bug includes:

  • Device that was being used
  • Browser and browser version
  • What actions led up to noticing the bug

These are the bare minimum of what needs to be reported.

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Testing for bugs on your mobile website

The best time to take care of bugs is when you are testing your website. Far better to catch them before a potential customer does. However it may seem impossible to test even the most popular mobile devices and browsers on your site. Who has the budget to run out and buy the top ten most popular smartphones? That, fortunately, isn’t necessary. There are a number of tools and services available that allow you to test and analyze when you make a mobile website that show how it would perform on numerous devices.

Use one of these tools to test for possible bugs in mobile version websites so you can stomp on bugs before you make your mobile website accessible to your users.

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