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How Can I Disable Specific Plugin in Mobile Version?

Why you may need to disable a specific plugin in mobile version websites

specific plugin in mobile versionMake mobile version of website will enable you to reach a larger audience as well as help you maintain page rank in Google search. A mobile version of your website can be created by making your existing site responsive. This is the easiest way to create a mobile site and avoid building a completely new one. Mobile sites focus a lot on speed and layout presentation. Mobile users want a site that loads quickly and that is in a format that makes it easy for them to navigate and view your site.  In order to do this it may be necessary to deactivate a plugin in your site when it is being served to viewers in its mobile version. Quite often websites have plugins that provide a website feature that is impractical for mobile device users and will adversely affect the mobile site you present. In addition, you are free to look through about mobile website wordpress.

How you can deactivate a specific plugin in mobile version websites.

To deactivate a plugin in mobile version of websites for better user experience is done by using another plugin. For WordPress users a popular plugin for this is WPtouch Pro. The plugin will actually handle pretty much every aspect of creating a mobile website out of your existing site. The plugin deactivation is just one of its features. After installing the plugin, to deactivate specific plugins perform the following steps:

  • Go to the WordPress Plugins tool (under Core Settings > Compatibility). There will be a list of installed and active plugins.
  • Deselect the plugin you want to deactivate.
  • Save your settings, clear your cache, then test to ensure plugin is deactivated.

This is usually sufficient to most plugins. However not all plugins hook into WordPress using best practices and some plugins force hooks in ways that prevent WPtouch Pro from being able to remove them.  If you don’t achieve the result using the method above you may remove the specific plugin’s hooks through the child theme feature of WPtouch Pro by doing the following:

  • Open the .zip file of the plugin you wish to disable.
  • Locate all the plugin’s hooks that use either “add_action” or “add_filter”
  • Copy those actions and filters to the “functions.php” file of your active WPtouch Pro child theme.
  • Edit the hooks so they reverse the plugin’s actions and filters by changing each to “remove_action” and “remove_filter” as applicable.

The following is an example:

  • add_filter(‘the_content’,’my_the_content’)


  • remove_filter(‘the_content’,’my_the_content’).

These two methods allow disabling a specific plugin in mobile versions of your website so that your mobile website will provide a better user experience.

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