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How Do I Choose The Best WordPress Plugin For Mobile Version Website?

The first step for choosing the best WordPress plugin for mobile version websites

wordpress plugin for mobile versionTo choose the best WordPress plugin for mobile version websites the first thing you must do is determine whether or not your WordPress site is mobile friendly and if it isn’t what part of the site you need to change. You can find this information by bo doing the following:

  • If the results indicate your site is not mobile friendly go to the Webmasters tools dashboard. Click on “Search Traffic >Mobile Usability.” This will tell you the errors that were found.

Now that you know what area of your site is not optimized for mobile devices you can look for the WordPress plugin on make mobile version of website that will provide the solution.

Options for selecting the best WordPress plugin for mobile version website optimization

Before doing anything else you should backup your site. After backing up your website you may want to update both your theme and the version of WordPress that you are using. Once you have completed this you can look at plugin options. There is no single WordPress plugin that will be right for everybody. It will depend on the individual website. Plugins that you can check out will fall into two broad categories:

  • WordPress plugins that solve individual problems: There may be only one area that your website failed the mobile friendliness test in. If that’s the case you could look for a plugin that focuses on that particular thing. Some of the individual solutions that plugins exist for include:
    • Responsiveness: This would basically have to do with resizing different parts of your website such as images and graphic to make your site more mobile friendly. There are both free and premium versions of responsive plugins available.
    • Navigation: Problems with menus and navigation of your website can be resolved with a WordPress plugin.
    • Layout options and interface elements: Sometimes the layout of a site may not be working well enough on mobile devices. The right plugin can provide a solution.
  • WordPress plugins that provide complete solutions: There are a number of WordPress plugins that are designed to make your entire WordPress site mobile optimized. They will deal with most or all aspects of making your website mobile friendly. There are again both free and premium WordPress plugins for this and the plugin that works best will depend on the individual site.

Analyze your specific needs and research the specific plugins available before making a choice. Check reviews, number of downloads and find out what experiences users have had with a plugin. After making your selection and installing the plugin, you should test your site again to ensure the plugin you selected got the job done.  Many plugins have both a free and premium version and you may want to try out free versions first before going for a premium version. And if you have doubts you may check the page about building a mobile website.

The best WordPress plugin for mobile version websites is the one that provides the solution you need.

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