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Top 30 Mobile WordPress Themes

Since WordPress is one of the most leading blog hosting sites in this generation, many have searched for the best themes for this site. Luckily they already have mobile friendly WordPress themes ready for you.

The top 30 mobile WordPress themes

  1. One of the most famous themes is presented by Themeforest. It is said that with their collection of templates, they have the most mobile friendly WordPress themes. It is important that an optimized website should be properly presented with attractive mobile WordPress themes.
  1. Next on the list is the Chocolate Retina-Ready Mobile Template. This template offers a touch-optimized ready mobile template, which means that everything is ready for you with this mobile WordPress theme. It doesn’t only make your business looks good, but at the same time it makes everything fast and easy.
  1. If you haven’t known the Cleary – Multipurpose Liquid Mobile Template then perhaps you would know that they also have the most versatile mobile friendly WordPress themes. It is said that with their multipurpose template designs you can make the navigation easy and accessible.
  1. With this 14 different page, Curiosity is one of the Premium Mobile Template in this generation. They are optimize to function at its best and accompanied with a mobile gallery with full screen function.
  1. With the Premium Mobile Web Template definitely you are in the right place. Having their specialized HTML5 and CSS3 your business perfectly designed to have the best of the best. Customization can be very complicated with their guidance and pre-made templates things will be much easier.

Here are the next set of the best Mobile WordPress Themes

  1. Next on our list is the Delta – Flat Mobile. Another HTML5 & CSS3 Retina optimized with jQuery plugins your business can be at its best with this template. They are offering minimalistic designs that provide your site a unique corporate look.
  1. Another mobile WordPress theme that will surely catch your attention is the Metro Mobile Retina. With their iWebApp Query your homepage can transform its modern and elegant look. With jQuery you can have your animated notification boxes and improve everything inside it.
  1. One of the mobile WordPress theme presented as the most popular in today’s generation is the InMobile2. With their jQuery mobile and tablet functions and HTML 5 process they surely create a responsive template. They are highly in demand for mobile and tablet usage.
  1. The Touch Mobile & Tablet is also a famous HTML5 Template. Specialized and built for various types of mobile and tablet devices. One of their unique characteristic is their fluid design that can adjust its orientation and size. It is also very suitable for your business or even personal sites.
  1. Among the mobile WordPress themes, the Moderner Mobile Retina is one of the most highly functional HTML5 & CSS3 templates. Having the most advanced framework for mobile makes this template one of a kind. You are given the chance to choose all types of elements on your page with style and fashion.
  1. The Black Mobile PRO HTML is a version specially made for mobile phones. Every template is optimized and has a preview for mobile phone settings. It is also perfect for application developer that prefers to use smartphones. Equipped with JavaScript accordion, the black mobile pro HTML is one of the mobile friendly WordPress themes.
  1. With the various list of mobile WordPress themes, the Hexagone made it to our list. Their flexible template creates a trademark as one of the most unique and yet responsive themes created. They have a wide range of clients, from big businesses to small scale stores up to professional photographers and bands. Loaded with powerful tools and features, definitely your site will accessible to a mobile page.
  1. Since jQuery has been invading the mobile page industry, they are also common in mobile wordpress themes. With iBlogfolio HTML + PSD you can already have a unique and stunning clean dark theme. They specialized in slideshow and portfolio.
  1. For developers the Mobile Admin HTML is considered as one of the accessible template for mobile plugin WordPress theme or custom plugin development. Intended for admins and people who prefer using phones than desktop computers.
  1. Business establishments today are best reach through online pages. That is why among the mobile WordPress themes the Palace Mobile and Tablet HTML Theme have been in demand for hotel business and corporation.

Here is the other list for the top 30 Mobile WordPress themes.

  1. My Mobile Page V3 CSS/Html
  2. My Personal Mobile Portfolio
  3. Northern Lights HTML Template (Mobile
  4. Storefront Mobile
  5. Androness Retina-ready Mobile Template Touch-Optimized:
  6. Aufidius Mobile Retina
  7. Boldr Mobile Retina
  8. Chalis Mobile Retina
  9. Corvina Mobile Admin HD
  10. darkley
  11. Ezos Mobile Retina
  12. Handee
  13. HERO
  14. Impact Mobile
  15. KlassioRSV

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