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How to Build a Drupal Mobile Version of Website

Creating a new version or another branch of your business requires more time and effort from you. With technology today you can quickly manage both without neglecting any of your responsibilities. That is how modernization is changing the way business works. People tend to make this change and try to be inventive but unfortunately not everyone succeeded in creating a mobile version of Drupal. Drupal is a very known as an open source content management platform that are empowering and hosting millions of websites and applications. Their influence is making a change towards individual who wants to have a Drupal or Joomla mobile version.

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Benefits in having a Drupal mobile:

  • Commonly your browser detection will increase than your usual loading time. Because of this your business will be provided with an easier and responsive mobile page.
  • Your device compatibility will also improve because of the mobile version of Drupal. Knowing the influence of drupal definitely they are already tested to various devices. That is now providing a higher rate of compatibility and responsiveness.
  • The Responsiveness level is also enhanced. With various features on drupal mobile, your mobile page will function the way it should. But first you must learn how create and make a mobile version of drupal.

Creating a mobile version Drupal

Now that you are aware of the possibilities of having a mobile version drupal, it is time to learn how to create or build your own drupal mobile.

Drupal Responsive WebsiteFirst, visit their sites and surf about the responsive web design. They already have readymade templates that are already optimized and responsive to drupal mobile version. In here you don’t need to study the technical aspects and languages involve in creating a page since it will take time before anyone can master it. So everything you need is just to choose the design you like.

Mobile Version DrupalNext in building your drupal mobile is installing the theme you have chosen. Installing it might provide you with some requirements or specs but rest assured that majority of the theme are already mobile friendly. Once you selected a theme for your drupal mobile you can install it and see if it looks best for your business or personal site. If suddenly you have a change of mind you can uninstall it look for another specialized theme.

Steps on installing your Drupal mobile version

With your mobile version drupal you can have access to various mobile pages. But there is a detailed step on how you can install your themes towards your mobile page.

  1. After downloading you theme package you can start reading the compatibility rules. This is not to stop you from having that template but to make sure that the chosen template will function at its best with your business or personal sites. Sometimes other version of drupel doesn’t work with each other.
  1. Next is study the install instructions to accurately unlock the theme packaged. Sometimes others tend to neglect this part because reading can take so much time, but then again you will never know if there is special instruction within it if you don’t try.
  1. After reading instruction package, you can start uploading your chosen theme to your new directory. Literally if you are in 6.x & 7.x, Drupal mobile you can place your themes in the folder within sites/all/themes/yourThemeName.
  1. After uploading, you must click the tab for administer and enable the new template. Typically drupal should auto detect the presence of your uploaded theme. If not, you can go back to step number one and recheck your actions.
  1. After the auto detection, you can start editing the user preferences. Once done, take a look at your new drupal mobile and assess if this is the new look you want to have. After you decided to keep it you can make it as your default theme at your administration page.

Whenever you experience an issue, you can get professional usability, design or theme development help!

The mobile version of drupal can be new to others but for people who are in this industry for quite long you are familiar with this. Sometimes it would be easier for you to know this stuff if you read comments and review from other mobile page owners. For quick reference consider drupal as a bank of optimized, active and responsive designed templates ready for your business and other needs.

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