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How to Build a Joomla Mobile Version of Website

If you are running an online business, then you are familiar with Joomla and its function. For starters, this language might be a complicated topic for you, but then again you don’t have to study the deep aspect of this technicality. Literally, Joomla is a content management system that allows you to create websites and application. With this system you can customize your website and create something out of your mind. Though this has been commonly practiced among web developers, but now mobile version Joomla is also in demand.

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If you don’t convert your website into a mobile friendly page then your searchers might have a limited access once they are using their smartphones. Try to imagine a searcher looking for an answer during a meeting or class discussion. You cannot expect a desktop computer available for use to search for that short answer. With today’s technology, you can freely use your smartphones and android phones to quickly search the internet for your inquiries in mind. That is why it is very important to create a Joomla mobile version. The question starts on how you can make one?

The easiest way to have a mobile version Joomla:

Just like any conversion and updating, you must first begin in backing up your site before trying to make a change. Remember that when you start making changes with the settings, there are options that are irrevocable and might harm your data and content. Just to be safe and sure try to save a copy of your data and content. Then check your Joomla version if it is already accompanied with mobile-friendly settings or not. If you are using a Joomla 3.0 version then you don’t have to make any changes because it is already a mobile-friendly site.

Joomla Mobile VersionIf you are unaware of your Joomla version then you can check it with your administration interface. The version number can be located either on top or bottom corner of your interface. It’s very important to have up-to-date software not only because of mobile friendliness, but also due to security constrains.

Mobile Version JoomlaOnce you find out your version make sure that you make the appropriate updates. It is important to try or make it to a point to use the latest version. Because with this newest version you can automatically update every aspect of your mobile page. Through upgrades and security improvements.

Joomla Mobile Friendly TestAfter updating your version, you can take a mobile friendly test. This tool is designed to evaluate your system if it is already compatible with the majority mobile devices. It is important to have this test so that you will be guided if there are compatibility issues along the way. Don’t get upset if you don’t pass the test – everything is fixable.

Customize Joomla Mobile VersionTry changing or customizing your Joomla mobile version. With this you can make changes on what makes it risky for mobile searchers. A mobile version Joomla is somewhat like related or the same with a WordPress mobile version. Though both of them has different provider and owners still every computer programs can have identical or closer language.

Building a Mobile Friendly Joomla Version

If you don’t want to make an update or change your Joomla version there can be some ways on still making your page a mobile friendly site. It might take some time because you have to learn what Joomla extension is all about. It is like a refreshers course for web developers in creating their own personal site or homepage. Basically once you get acquainted to this extension you can start searching for your compatible Joomla mobile version. There is also what you call, Joomla Extensions Directory mobile section, wherein extensions for mobile version Joomla is widely compiled and optimized. If you are now ready with your extension, you can start adding it to your site and install it. If things get blurry or unclear to you, you can always ask for a help from experts. After knowing the extension, next is to assess you mobile page if it is already mobile friendly.

In converting your mobile version Joomla, you must make sure that you are ready and aware on what you are doing. Remember that the time your page is under maintenance or improvements traffic gets lesser and slower.

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