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How to Build a WordPress Mobile Version of Website

WordPress is considered to be hot spot for online users. Either you own a business blog or even a real online business still WordPress has always been the common portal of met ups by this experts. With our technology changing from compatibility, devices and even with versions, WordPress is also being innovative. Though mobile pages isn’t new today still the way every tablet website design present their blogs and sites into a different version creates a sense of connectivity. If you want to make your WordPress mobile version effective, you must make sure that your content is readable and accessible through mobile. Too much word content isn’t really advisable for a WordPress mobile version because literally the screen view is quite smaller than the usual webpage.

Steps to make a mobile version of WordPress site

  • First and foremost, you must backup your website first before doing any action. It is important that you have made backup files to protect your content from getting lost. Having a mobile version WordPress is safe but if you it is your first time converting such thing it would be better to be sure about what you are doing.
  • Next is if your version of WordPress is not yet the latest then it is highly recommended to install the newest version. This updates are not created to give burden to your webpage, but instead it aims to improve your mobile responsiveness. Take note that WordPress automatically present a mobile-friendly site for your page. Sometimes you just have to recheck what version you are using so that you can avail the latest updates for your mobile version of WordPress site.

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How can you check and assess your version of WordPress

  • Visit your Administration Panel. If you are using the latest themes and version, you should expect a version number that appears at the near top of your dashboard. If the number doesn’t appear to the said corner then it should be present in the footer. If it does, it means that you are using the older version of WordPress.
  • If could find the version number at any of the said places, you can visit your WordPress dashboard. Look for the folder or the site where you installed WordPress. Then after use your web browsers and view source function. Then you can start searching for the generator met tage option. This option provides your WordPress version number and it could look like this <meta=”generator” content= “WordPress 3.8”/>

After knowing your version you can start searching for the latest update if you don’t have the new ones. Remember that WordPress mobile version requires the latest and most updated plugins and tools. Take note also that every year new smartphones and android phones are coming out in the market equipped with the most high end technology. So, you can expect new updates each year. Now we start creating your mobile version of WordPress site.

Get WordPress mobile version with a responsive WordPress theme

Luckily there is a very simple step for this: all you have to do is update your theme to a WordPress mobile theme. You can choose among the various theme compilations in their wonderful portal. There might too many of them for you to choose from, so you can start from searching for some keywords or related subjects for it. Like for instance, you can search for responsive and mobile.

Responsive WordPress Themes Our search for responsive themes at

In here you can breakdown the themes and have the entire mobile version at a single page. In choosing your theme it is also an advantage if it has resemblance of your webpage. A mobile version WordPress can come instantly, but it doesn’t mean that it will resolve your existing issues about your page. Sometimes you have to check the stability functions of your personal site before updating your version. This is to create or optimized highly your mobile version of WordPress site. If you still have doubts about your mobile version you can always avail and check it with mobile friendly tools. This tools are created to assess your mobile page and provide recommendation on how to improve its function and content. Remember that in order to have a mobile friendly version, you must meet the standards for mobile usage.

Create mobile version of WordPress website with plugins

There is a number of free plugins that generate mobile version of a website on the same Try searching plugins directory for “mobile” and you’ll find these amazing plugins:

  • Duda Mobile Website Builder – a plugin that allows you to build mobile version using Duda service. In order to avoid ads on your mobile version you will need to sign up for one of their plans and pay monthly or annually a small fee.

Duda Mobile Website Builder

  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin – simple plugin that allows you to create mobile version of your website just in plugin settings. Plugin has variety of icons to use in menu and allows you to choose proper color theme of WordPress mobile version.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

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