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Choosing Mobile Website URL

You might be wondering why do you have to choose a mobile website URL if you already have page url. Literally URL or also known as the uniform resource locator is an address to your site. Just like your home address there is only page per URL. Which means that in every scroll of pages new details to your URL is added or removed. If you decided to have a mobile page for you website then perhaps you page will have an m website which means mobile version of your desktop webpage. M URL has several versions and branches depending on what type of mobile pages you are planning to have. It is like a surname given to you website or mobile site so that people can determine which one is yours. If you are not yet familiar to what an m URL looks like, try to look above or within the address bar of your mobile page. You seldom memorize that line because of too many numbers, characters and letters are included to that address. It significantly represents every page of your mobile responsive design.

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Choosing the best mobile website URL

In choosing your mobile website URL, you can start from renaming your mobile page. Usually the name of your site is reflected to your m URL. This is to tag and I’d your page about the content and the services it offer. Remember that traffics locate your page through your m website and other URLs. Without an m website your page cannot be automatically redirected to a mobile friendly version. Automatic redirection includes configuring your desktop and mobile browsers through your URLs and webmasters. If you choose to have this automation make sure that you redirect your mobile searchers accordingly.

Redirecting has several benefits and disadvantage that is why in choosing your mobile website URL; you must make sure to only redirect your client to legit sites.

Benefits in having a mobile website URL:

  • Commonly internet surfers are using mobile phones to explore the net. If you have made your webpage mobile friendly and have chosen a m URL, then preferably mobile searchers can locate your mobile page.
  • This URL will serve as a specific destination wherein traffic and other search engine can direct mobile searchers towards your page. There are also scenarios where website owners neglect the part of converting or creating an m website for their page and as a result client failed to access their site through mobile phones. Because of this there customers and traffic decreases as technology improves with time.

Advantages of a mobile website URL

mobile website urlYour URL will decide if your page is accessible and searchable. With a little mistake of the said address most likely your client and mobile searchers can be redirected to other page. That is why it is important to choose the appropriate m URL for your site while things aren’t too complicated yet. It becomes complicated when the functionality of your webpage is affected by how technology is modernizing the way online users look for an answer. Other website doesn’t require redirection since their URLs are already optimized and has a mobile friendly version. This means that whatever devices you choose you can access their website, anytime and anywhere. This means that more traffic time and more mobile and online searchers at the same time. Isn’t wonderful to have such traffic for your business? Or even for your own blog.

Risks of m URL

m urlIf you have seen some instructions of how you can choose a mobile website URL, others can be very technical and others are just self-explanatory. But in the end the choice is yours to make. Some themes and templates are also mobile friendly optimized. So when you decided to upgrade your themes then automatically you changed your typical address into an m website. This upgrades might not take too much of your time but it will somehow create a new method of getting traffic to your page. It is also recommended that you also provide users the freedom to choose if they want to be redirected or exit the said page. As part of redirect policy, clients and mobile searchers has the right to know all the risk possible in using an m URL.

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