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How to Test Mobile Website

It is important that you test mobile website frequently. Not just to make sure that it isn’t spammed or stolen but to be updated on the latest development in your page. There is various ways on how to test mobile website. Either you visit a service provider or do it yourselves. Any ways you choose will work, but again depending on the effort you exert to it. The Worldwide Web is a very large platform, wherein every answer you are trying to search for is there but then the assurance of safety will always be in question. That is why before clicking any result or links, try to read the descriptions behind it. If you want to test mobile website you can randomly surf the net and assess their responsiveness. The result may differ on what type of browser you choose to use and the type of device you used.

Test Mobile Website Mobile test through Google Webmaster Tools

What is mobile testing?

Mobile website testing is required to maintain the effectiveness of your mobile optimized website. This step is intended to assess the activeness of your system. If you fail to do this task continuously surfing risk may develop through time. There are various reasons why you need to do a mobile website test. Some of them are listed below:

Mobile Friendly TestMobile website testing will increase the security of your programs and mobile page. When you keep updating the system and conduct basic actions like cleaning up and changing some protocols, it can halt invaders to your system. The common scenario among hackers is that if they become familiar on your system, they somehow attack using your own program. With a mobile website testing tools, you can always stop this scenario and protect your page before they even enter your program.

Test Mobile Version of WebsiteWhen you test mobile website, basically you can finish the task by just pasting the URL of your mobile page to a mobile website testing tools. There are various tools available online; all you have to do is make a choice. With this free service you can be inform on the status of how your site is progressing. If the system are properly running and if there are bugs within your page. Not all bugs are harmful but sometimes they take so much loading time that interferes with every mobile searcher.

Test Mobile VersionTry to remember that not all results are detailed and accurate. Sometimes in a mobile website test they rely in the link your provided and not how your website is presented. Others tend to evaluate a site through basic assessment and requirements. For instance the programming language use and security features. If you have doubts on your result, you can always double check it with other mobile website testing.

Top mobile website testing tools

To get you acquainted on the most common mobile website testing tools, you can refer to the following list. Take note that this list are randomly pick according to their popularity and reviews.

  • Mobile Friendly Test from Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is commonly used by starters and even with long time business owners. Aside from it offers free service it also provides you with how your current site looks like. Another unique feature of this mobile website testing the GoMoMeter, also provide you with personalized recommendation on how you can improve your mobile page. Aside from it is a free service by Google, it is also highly maintained. Test your website here.

Mobile Test with Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Test with Google Webmaster Tools1

  • Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Testing. Another way to test mobile website is through the Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Testing. An interactive portal that test your site and allows you to view in several ways. The widths and sizes of browser can be customized at the same time. All you have to do is enter your URL and wait for the result. This test can guide you in improving your page into a more interactive page. This service also comes in free service. Test your website here.

1Mobile Test with MattKersley Tool Mobile Test with MattKersley Tool1

  • Browshot. One of the most cheaply mobile website testing tools is the Browshot. You can test mobile website for free. Its main action is creating screenshots that captures your page on a different device version. In here you will see the differences when your mobile page is access in other mobile phones. Don’t forget that devices has their own unique feature others might interfere the normal view of your mobile site than the typical one. Test your website here.

Mobile Test with Browshot Mobile Test with Browshot

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