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List of Common Mobile Website Development Mistakes

I bet before you decide to create your own mobile website you have been an online searcher yourself. It wouldn’t be hard to understand this list since you might have experience this along the way. But in order to make your website more attractive and interactive you must make sure to avoid the same mistake. In mobile website development, everything is innovative. Every layout, structure and content is expected to be interactive and direct. When we say direct you should not put a link that direct your clients, searchers and visitors to an unknown website. This usually frustrates your searchers and thinks that your page is not a safe site, take note to always make website mobile friendly.

Most common mistakes in mobile website development

mobile optimized websiteProhibited JavaScript, CSS and image files. When a mobile searcher visits your site they would expect to find what they are looking. If you presented a blocked or jammed content they would usually turn around and go back to the search page and look for another site. You should have mobile optimized website since you opt to choose mobile. Don’t put scripts that are intended for desktop and personal computers because it will be very heavy towards mobile gadgets and device.

Avoid having unplayable content. It is a usual practice to link some famous and popular videos on your mobile website. But there are things that you should remember before putting or linking it to your site.

  1. First is it should be relevant and in high quality. Unplayable content is not just about the technical capacity of your mobile website development. But remember that it also refers to general function of your site.
  2. Secondly don’t forget to address disclaimer and if your content like images and videos are borrowed or shared remember to put credits to the owner. Remember that Infringement issues can become a reason why your content become unplayable.

Mobile Website Development Mistakes Sample of improper scripts implementation. Image credit:

Things you need to know to make mobile website development effective.

Make Website Mobile FriendlyMake sure to be distinctive on your mobile website address or your might experience Mobile-only 404s. This is simple mistakes that can cause frustration and inconvenience to your mobile searchers. Don’t forget that computer programs and software contains sensitive case that is why everything should be closest to specific. If you follow this step you can make website mobile friendly which is good for your traffic.

Mobile Friendly WebsiteSince technology keeps developing you cannot avoid having updates. This updates should be useful to your searchers and not just intended for business. Since you want to make website mobile friendly make sure to only require app downloads if necessary. It would be helpful if you put simple banners that give your searchers direct and quick instruction. At the same time provide option or timeframe in installing your apps for easy access. Others tend to block the action of users just to oblige them in downloading some apps that can be irrelevant for them.

Mobile Website CrosslinkingIn making your mobile optimized website makes sure to avoid irrelevant cross-links. This will not just halt your online searchers action, but also it redirects them to a possible untrusted site. The only way to prevent this mistake is to keep on rechecking your links. You need to put an effort on securing your content and links you put into. This will not take so much of your time but it can give your mobile searchers that you make website mobile friendly.

Mobile Website MistakesWith your mobile website development it is important to keep your site organized and running. The common reason why mobile searchers prefer to make a search on this page is for convenient and easy access. Take note that a slow mobile page is a demerit for you, so make sure you provide quality service and relevant links.

Mobile Optimized Website Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your mobile optimized website. Not just for easier access but to provide rapport to your searchers. If they met the mistakes mentioned in our list they might have doubts on visiting your site again. Things aren’t just about the content, service and your site but everything about your online searchers is also important. If you want to be successful in this field take time to fix small errors to avoid having bigger loopholes in the future.

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